ePortfolio Definition

An ePortfolio (electronic portfolio) is a digital collection of work that documents and showcases knowledge, skills, and abilities, and their growth over time. An ePortfolio may include such things as:

  • Writing samples (research papers, essays, fiction, reflections, journals)
  • Photos/slideshows/videos/audio or other types of media files
  • Research projects
  • Links to blogs, web pages, or other online content

These “artifacts” are usually accompanied by reflection on how or why the item is included in the ePortfolio.

ePortfolios at Fresno State

  • The ePortfolio Program at California State University, Fresno is designed to:
    •  support students, faculty, and staff create repositories that promote teaching, learning, and assessment.  
  • The ePortfolio will be used by faculty and as a resource by students in:
    •  documenting,
    •  sharing,
    •  reflecting on/deepening their learning.
  • Students use it to showcase:
    •  talents
    •  skills
    •  abilities

Successful implementation of the ePortfolio Program:

1.      Improves student success by helping students:

         a.      Align their work/effort with desired learning outcomes

         b.      Become self-directed learners;

         c.      Develop an integrative perspective of their university career;

         d.      Deepen learning;

         e.      Present themselves digitally;

         f.       Enjoy the creative process of learning.

2.      Provides students with a tool to showcase their knowledge, skills and abilities for employers, graduate schools,            and others.

3.      Showcases the value of education to students, parents, employers, and the community.

4.      Enhances university engagement with the community and improves reporting the impact of the university on the          region.

5.      Improves the university’s infrastructure for assessment and accreditation.