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For the Parents

The Transition

The transition to college is a critical moment that affects a student’s academic success or failure (Gall, Evans, & Bellerose, 2000). The Edge Initiative facilitates the successful transition to Fresno State, providing an academic, social, and community connection for African American students.

The Connection

Maintaining an academic, social, and community connection is particularly important for students’ management of culture shock and/or homesickness. Effects of homesickness include loneliness, alienation, sadness, anxiety, and adjustment problems for students (Poyrazli & Lopez, 2007). However, the many advantages of gaining an edge can provide your son or daughter with the following benefits and outcomes as he or she pursues a degree at Fresno State: 

  1. Successfully managing culture shock and/or homesickness.
  2. Maintaining a support system of mentors, faculty, and fellow students who are a part of the Edge Initiative.
  3. Gaining increased comfort on campus, self-esteem, social adjustment, and a positive campus climate ( Grant-Vallone, Reid, Umali, & Pohlert, 2003).
  4. Gaining increased college retention, academic success, and college satisfaction ( Fischer, 2007).

Edge Faculty and Staff

The faculty and staff who work with the Edge Initiative are happy to work with your son or daughter as he or she makes the transition to college. We are invested in seeing your child succeed! If you have any questions or would like to personally speak with a member of the Edge team, please email


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