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Happy graduate with familyThe primary goal of the Edge Initiative is to establish a long-term, self-sustaining mentorship program on campus. Mentors will be African American faculty and staff on campus who will provide both care and guidance to African American students on campus. Mentors will have to actively reach out to their Edge Scholar, meet with the Scholar on a regular basis (including social meetings), provide constructive criticism, help the student establish a realistic academic plan, and particularly be aware of the student’s background. Mentors will also be expected to help students creatively incorporate their personal experiences and cultural identities into the classroom.

The mentorship program will include formal training for both the mentor and Scholar.

Edge Scholar Expectations

As a participant in the Edge Initiative, students will have the opportunity to receive guidance and support from a faculty mentor. Scholars and mentors will not only collaborate to establish academic, social, and career goals, but also encourage students to reach their full potential during their attendance at Fresno State and beyond. The following expectations and tips provide the tools to optimize this mentoring opportunity and the Edge Initiative.

  • Demonstrate your commitment to the Edge Initiative and your mentor: be responsible, honest, courteous, and respectful.
  • Maintain consistent contact with your mentor through meetings, email, phone, or your approved method of correspondence.
  • Be an active participant in the mentorship process:  articulate your ideas, ask questions, and request assistance or information as needed.
  • Identify academic, career, and social goals for the semester, academic year, and post-graduation. Establish a schedule and timeline to achieve these goals.
  • Enjoy your mentorship experience!

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