Culinary students

Join the leader in science, technology, and management. Students majoring within the Department of Food Science and Nutrition are prepared for a wide range of professions in the food industry the largest single industry in the United States. California State University, Fresno is centered in the greatest food production and processing area in the world.

Some of the largest and best dairy and food companies cooperate with the university to provide students with a view of commercial realities in this industry. There is strong demand for dietitians and nutritionists by the health care and food service industries.

We Are in the Most Productive Food Processing Region

As part of a California State University, Fresno, located in the center of the world's most productive food processing region, the Department of Food Science and Nutrition is ideally suited to provide students with both a strong academic and practical education in food science and nutrition.

What You Can Earn

  • Dietitian
    $60,665 (in our region)
  • Food Scientist
    $80,356 (in our region)
  • Food Services Manager
    $70,513 (in our region)
  • Regional Chef
    $134,094 (in our region)

Source: HR Reported data from as of November 2012

Interesting Classes You Might Take

  • Food Analysis
  • Food Product Development
  • Food Safety for Foodservice Professionals
  • Nutrition and Health: Realities and Controversies

What You Can Learn

  • Concepts of nutritional therapy in disease
  • Influence of nutrition on age, growth, and normal development
  • Up-to-date information on all aspects of handling food, from receiving and storing to preparing and serving
  • Experimental approach to development of new food products

About the College

The Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology can offer you the education you will need to be a leader in agriculture and related sciences in the New California. We offer outstanding programs in the traditional areas of agriculture, including animal sciences, plant science, agricultural education, viticulture and agricultural business. And, we offer excellent programs in areas which are uniquely related to agriculture, including nutrition and dietetics, food science, enology, child development, family science, fashion merchandizing and industrial technology.

College Contact Information

Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology
2415 E. San Ramon,
Fresno, CA 93740
Phone: 559.278.2061
Fax: 559.278.4496

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Department Contact Information

Food Science and Nutrition
5300 N Campus Drive, M/S FF17
Fresno, CA 93740-8019

Department Phone: (559) 278-2164
Department Fax: (559) 278-7623

Department Office Location: Family and Food Science Building, Room 111