General Education (GE)

A university education is one that prepares students to live creative and productive lives, take responsibility for their actions, and engage in a lifetime of learning.  It consists of a "General Education" (GE) and an in-depth study in at least one field (a major).  The basic structure of our GE program is laid out by the CSU.  Campus faculty have identified the specific elements of the program designed to provide students with a knowledge of human cultures and the natural world, develop intellectual and practical skills, promote acceptance of personal and social responsibilities, and encourage integrative learning. (See Essential Learning Outcomes established by the Association of American Colleges and Universities.)

Student Learning Outcomes (Approved Spring 2010)


New General Education Writing Requirements

(Approved Spring 2012)

General Education Procedures

(Approved Spring 2013, Revised 2018)

General Education Course Proposal Form

(Approved Spring 2018)

General Education Program Description

(Approved Spring 2013, Revised 2018)


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