General Education - Originally Appoved Syllabi



Area A - Fundamental Skills and Knowledge

A1 Oral Communication: Communication 378 

A2 Written Communication: English 5B10 

A3 Critical Thinking: Africana & American Indian Studies 20Anthropology 30Chicano & Latin American Studies 30Communication 5Computer Science 1Geography 25Geomatics Engineering 5Natural Science 4Philosophy 2545Sociology 3Women’s Studies 12 

B4 Quantitative Reasoning: Decision Sciences 71Mathematics 457575A


Area B - Physical Universe and Its Life Forms

B1 Physical Sciences: Chemistry 1A3A10Earth & Environmental Sciences 14Physical Science 21Physics 2A4A & 4AL10 

B2 Life Sciences: Biology 1A101112 

B3 Laboratory Component: B1 or B2 must have a lab (All B1 and B2 courses taken at Fresno State have a lab component.)

Area C - Arts and Humanities

C1 Arts: Armenian Studies 20Art 1204050Art History 1011Chicano & Latin American Studies 9Drama 2262English 414344Music 974

C2 Humanities: Armenian 1B2A2BChinese 1A1BCommunicative Disorders and Deaf Studies 9092English 2030French 1B2A2BGerman 1B2A2BGreek 1A1BHmong 1BHumanities 10111520Italian 1A1B2A2BJapanese 1A1BLatin 1A1AH1BLinguistics 10Persian 1A1BPhilosophy 121020Portuguese 1A1BSpanish 1B2A2B34A4B

Area D - Social, Political & Economic Institutions & Behavior

D1 American History: History 1112 

D2 American Government: Political Science 2 

D3 Social Science: Africana and American Indian Studies 11015273650Agricultural Economics 1Anthropology 23Armenian Studies 10Asian American Studies 15Child & Family Studies 31Chicano & Latin American Studies 35Communicative Disorders & Deaf Studies 98Criminology 10Economics 254050Geography 24History 2021Industrial Technology 20Mass Communication & Journalism 1Middle East Studies 10Political Science 171Psychology 10Sociology 1 or 1S, 2 or 2S; Women’s Studies 10

Area E - Lifelong Understanding and Self-Development

E Lifelong Understanding & Self-Development: Animal Science 67Art 13Child & Family Studies 3839Dance 1670Drama 32Finance 30Gerontology 10S18111Health Science 9091110Kinesiology 32 and KAC 6, 21, 24, 31, 33, 39, or 103; Linguistics 30Nutrition 53Psychology 61Recreation & Leisure Studies 10S80Women’s Studies 18

INTEGRATION (Upper Division)

IB Physical Universe and Its Life Forms: Anthropology 161Chemistry 170Earth & Environmental Sciences 112167168Geography 115128Health Science 161Natural Science 115120121125131Physical Science 131168Physics 100Plant Science 105Psychology 126

IC Arts and Humanities: Africana and American Indian Studies 129Applied Ethics 100Armenian 148Art 102Dance 171Drama 163English 101102103112113114174French 109149Humanities 104108110118Interdisciplinary Art Studies 108Linguistics 115130Music 170A171187Philosophy 120150151Spanish 125129

ID Social, Political and Economic Institutions and Behavior, Historical Background: Africana and American Indian Studies 103144Agricultural Economics 155Anthropology 116W145Chicano & Latin American Studies 114Criminology 101120153Economics 146167176183Geography 173 (formerly Geography 169) ; Gerontology 100History 101Kinesiology 111Mass Communication & Journalism 178Psychology 173Social Science 110Sociology 131143163Women’s Studies 101