Internship Experience

Facilitator - Debbie Young


The Internship FLC will strive to share resources between internship program and coordinators throughout campus.  
Topics we will discuss will include:

  • Risk Management/ HR Issues/Safety at work sites
  • Legal Implications of Internships (paid vs unpaid, internships under FLSA, Dept of Labor guidelines)
  • Course classification of internships (zero credit internships)
  • Assessment and learning value of internships
  • Integrating internships into student e-folios
  • Privacy/intellectual property

Meeting times will includes discussions, a webinar on the legal environment of internships and guest speakers (campus risk management representatives)

The Internship FLC will create a Bb group where present and future internship coordinators can turn for resources including forms, procedures and processes already established in other internship programs on campus.

Short Bio
Debbie Young is the Director of Student Professional Development in the Craig School of Business.  The Craig School has run an internship program for over 15 years placing from 200-300 business interns per academic year.  The program was chosen as the Experiential Education Program of the Year for 4 year colleges in 2009 by the National Society of Experiential Education.  Debbie is also a faculty member in the Department of Management currently teaching human resources management.  She has 12 years of experience in the healthcare industry including four working in a human resources management capacity.