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Survey Comments from past faculty learning community participants

"I like the exchange of tips and ideas in the faculty learning community"

"Getting to know others interested in the learning process, as well as support staff in the University who can be of great assistance for developing effective teaching."


2014 - 2015 Faculty Learning Communities

Faculty Learning Communities (FLCs) are designed to enhance teaching effectiveness using group discussions of shared experiences. Several statements from the university's strategic plan illuminate the importance of faculty learning communities.

Addressing Student Psycho-Social Needs for Academic Success
Facilitators:  Christine Edmondson and Malik Raheem

  • Identify Fresno State student psycho-social needs that affect academic success
  • Identify strategies that faculty can use to address these needs in their courses
  • Support Mental Health Conference


Facilitators:  Melissa Jordine and Andrew Lawson

  • Increase discussions, interdisciplinary collaboration, and developing innovative and effective strategies for campus-wide assessment


 Integrating Career and Professional Development - Related Assignment in Your Courses
Facilitators:  Rita Bocchinfuson-Cohen, Jody Burum and Adrian Ramirez

  • Each FLC member will have at least 1-2 new career assignments with learning outcomes
  • Some faculty will implement career assignments in courses and conduct pre/posttests of students’ opinions
  • Blackboard organization or Pathbrite e-portfolio will be created in order to inventory and share career-related assignments across campus


 Integrating Information Literacy into the Curriculum
Facilitators:  Amanda Dinscore and Hiromi Kubo

  • Develop one assignment that incorporates information and digital literacy.


 Internship FLC 2.0
Facilitator:  Debbie Young

  • Connect all Internship Coordinators and new and experienced faculty on campus to share common issues and concerns unique to internship programs such as risk management, the legalities of internships and internship assessment.
  • Has a community Bb group containing all forms and practices of various internship programs already running on campus.


Linked Learning
Facilitator:  Nancy Akhavan

  • Virtual connection to two Linked Learning consortia
  • Visits to Linked Learning certified schools in various parts of California
  • Design and implementation of Linked Learning principals, activities, and focus areas in the Single Subject Credential Program.


 Professional Ethics
Facilitators:  Andrew Fiala and Jack Benninga

  • A collaboration of faculty from across the campus focused on professional ethics.


 Reading About Water in Your Course
Facilitators:  Florence Cassel Sharma, David Drexler, Frederick Nelson, Fayzul Pasha, Jes Therkelsen and Beth Weinman

  • Facilitate connections about water between our courses
  • Examine how to integrate readings from the book, The Big Thirst, by Charles Fishman in our courses
  • Consider how to engage students to develop critical, informed thinking regarding these concerns
  • Develop specific course activities focusing on excerpts from the book


 Scholarly Writing
Facilitators:  Ida M. Jones

  • Submission of an article/scholarly activity to a peer-reviewed journal