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“If we are to take learning seriously, we need to know what to look for (through research), to observe ourselves in the act of lifelong learning (self-reflection), and to be much more sensitively aware of the learning of the students that we see before us every day. At present, I think we are prone to consider research findings as the conclusion of our investigations into learning. We might do better to think of them as the start of our investigations.”

. . . K. Patricia Cross, 2005 UC Berkeley, Center for Studies In Higher Education


Faculty Presentations

Scott Sailor- QR Codes

Scott Sailor introduces QR Codes to faculty and encourages them to use them in their teaching.


Monica Fusich,

Monica Fusich show faculty how to incorporate information literacy into a syllabus.



Welcome to the Center for the Scholarly Advancement of Learning & Teaching (CSALT).  We provide faculty with tools to help improve teaching and learning through seminars.


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