Hands-on Workshops

CFE is also presenting Lessons from the Lounge. Join us for these informal presentations. If you have any questions regarding our workshop topics or would like assistance in any of the following, feel free to contact one of the Instructional Designers.

Ally Accessibility (#1017)  The Ally gauges are coming! Ally is a revolutionary product that focuses on making digital course content more accessible. Using inclusivity, sustainability, and automation as its key pillars, Ally helps you understand and tackle accessibility in a way that benefits all students. Help your students be more successful with accessible, online content.

  • Thursday, May 3, 3 - 4:00 p.m.
  • Friday, May 4, 3 - 4:00 p.m.
  • Tuesday, May 8, 8 - 9:00 a.m.
  • Tuesday, May 8, 12 - 1:00 pm
  • Wednesday, May 9, 11:00 a.m. - noon
  • Wednesday, May 9, 3 - 4:00 pm

Blackboard Start up Workshop (#616) This workshop will take you through the basic functions of setting up your Blackboard course. Learn how to turn on your class, change your course theme, manage the course menu, and navigate through your class. This is meant for faculty/staff who have little to no experience using Blackboard.

Blackboard Interactive Tools Workshop (#617) This workshop will examine Blackboard's communication tools. Workshop will include posting announcements, setting up a discussion board, blogs, journals, and wikis. This workshop will work for faculty/staff who are comfortable navigating Blackboard, but haven't explored a lot of the tools.

Blackboard Assessment Tools Workshop (#619) The main focus on this workshop is on creating surveys/tests, and questions, choosing appropriate settings, and adding surveys/tests to course areas. We will also go over best practices for using surveys/tests. This workshop will work for faculty/staff who are comfortable navigating Blackboard, but haven't explored a lot of the tools. 

Branding Your Course (#927) Ideas to make your Blackboard course your own.

ePortfolio Basics using Pathbrite (#422) Learn the basics of creating an ePortfolio using Pathbrite as well as how to use them in your course.

Google Classroom (#662) Google Classroom seamlessly integrates with your Google Drive allowing you to easily go paperless in an organized environment. Use Classroom to post assignment, drive discussion, access resources, and promote collaboration. While Google Classroom is not a LMS, like Blackboard, it is an amazing productivity/organizational tool that will truly help you save time.

Google Forms (#686)  Use Google Forms to create quizzes, surveys, rubrics, or to collect information. You will also learn tips and tricks to take Google Forms to the next level allowing you to save time.

Google for Teaching (#928) Learn the various ways you can incorporate Google into your teaching.

Qualtrics Basics (#356) This hands-on workshop will give you the basic skills for using the Qualtrics survey tool. By the end of the workshop you will be able to create, activate, and view results of a basic survey.

Zoom Workshop (#687) Zoom is a cloud-based videoconferencing and collaboration platform. With Zoom you can create a meeting and invite guests to join from their desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones or video conference systems. Guests can also share content from their devices such as PowerPoint presentations, and YouTube videos. In this training, you'll get an account, learn how to set up and schedule a meeting.

Intro to Photography - The Basics (#257) Are your photos often times blurry? Too dark? Too Light? This workshop will deal with basic camera features and how they affect your photographs. Also there will be a discussion on how lens selection affects your photos. This course seeks to deal with these issues in a practical, easy to understand matter and to be applicable to all camera types.

Intro to Photography - Composition (#258) This class will help you to move your photography up a notch. The instructor will discuss and demonstrate various composition tips, including horizon placement, rule of thirds, leading lines, s-curves, and other topics in regards to better photographic compositions. There will also be a discussion about light and it’s properties as it relates to photography.

Intro to Photography - Multiple Exposures (#1012) (Description to come)

Intro to Photography - Panoramas (#1013) (Description to come)

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