High Impact Practice Student Symposium

Thursday and Friday, May 9th and 10th
8:30 am to 4 pm
Henry Madden Library Ellipse Gallery and Table Rancheria Rooms

The symposium is intended to provide a community-style event that empowers students to showcase their work as a result of any academic high-impact practice (e.g.):

The event is open to multiple styles of student presentations, including posters, easels, videos, art displays, etc.

We encourage you to market this opportunity as extra credit AND/OR as a resume-boosting event to your students.

To accommodate the variety of modes we expect students to share their work, we are collecting information on:

  1. Which faculty members would like their classes to participate and
  2. Anticipated student needs in order to present work in the community-style forum

***Those of you with more than one course, it would help to have a new form filled out for each course you'd like students presenting.

Light Refreshments Provided to Participants and Attendees Supported by Office of the Provost, Center for Faculty Excellence, Jan and Bud Richter Center for Community Engagement, the Career Center, and the College of Science and Mathematics

Fresno State is committed to providing universal access to all our events. Please contact Carmen Chapman at cchapman@csufresno.edu to request disability accommodations.