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Adjustments to Fall 2022 Course Schedule per Provost Fu Offering Increased Flexibility with majority of courses in-person

  1. The Executive Committee of the Academic Senate, by a unanimous vote, has exempted the course certification requirement of APM206 until a new APM206 policy is adopted
    Instructor certification is still required. Therefore, instructors who are trained to teach online but who have not had their courses approved yet can offer their classes online (DGT CAMP or virtual synchronous).

  2. Online-synchronous classes will be assigned a time slot but not a classroom. Department DAAs will receive instructions from the Scheduling Office about how to do this in Peoplesoft.

  3. If course modality adjustments are needed for the Fall 2022 schedule, chairs need to monitor the overall departmental schedule to keep it within the following constraints:

All departments should have at least 67% of classes face-to-face. The remaining 33% can be a combination of hybrid, hyflex, online-synchronous and DGT CAMP.

Faculty collectively, not individually, make decisions about course modalities with the consideration of curriculum requirements and that freshmen need more in-person courses to enhance engagement to the university.

4. For department chairs: In faculty teaching and service assignment, location of faculty residency is NOT a consideration (#5 of the attached MOU). The most important criteria for these assignments are curriculum need, accreditation requirement, student success considerations and equity among  faculty. The circumstances around these criteria are understandably different across disciplines.