LMS Review is Complete and Canvas has been Chosen

Visit fresnostate.edu/canvas for updated information.

For the past three years our campus, along with the California State University system, have been exploring learning management system (LMS) options since Blackboard Learn-our current learning management system-is going away.  During Spring 2018:

  • Some of our faculty ran trials of the three systems approved under a system wide agreement-Blackboard Ultra, Brightspace, and Canvas;
  • We surveyed faculty and students about LMS usage (many of our students have used both Blackboard and Canvas since the latter is used by all of the community colleges);
  • We held focus groups with full time and part time faculty;
  • A faculty learning community met throughout the semester to consider the alternatives;
  • Results from these efforts were shared with the academic senate.

After careful consideration, we will be adopting the Canvas LMS and are planning an exciting transition.  

During academic year 2018-2019, both Blackboard Learn and Canvas will be available.  Selected faculty will adopt Canvas in Fall 2018 with limited training and support.  We look forward to feedback from these early adopters.   

A wider roll-out with expanded training and support will occur during Spring 2019.  Beginning with the Summer 2019 term, Blackboard will no longer be available and all courses will be taught in Canvas.  Recently taught courses in Blackboard will be moved to Canvas for you. 

Past LMS Review Information

Blackboard Learn is our current Learning Management System (LMS).  The Center for Faculty Excellence (Bryan Berrett) and the Academic Technology area in Technology Services (Brent Auernheimer) are coordinating a wide-ranging review of Learning Management Systems vetted by last year's CSU-wide process. Those systems include Blackboard Ultra, Canvas, and Brightspace (D2L).

Open Forums Scheduled

A comprehensive review of learning management system (LMS) use on the Fresno State campus began during the Fall 2017 semester and a recommendation will be made to our Provost in May, 2018. The review will inform our campus LMS transition that will occur during the 2018-2019 academic year with full LMS integration beginning Fall of 2019. Our campus review includes three LMS’s including Blackboard Ultra, Canvas, and Brightspace (D2L). Each of the three systems have a Master Enabling Agreement (MEA) with the CSU Chancellor’s Office. Our campus review includes a Faculty Learning Community (FLC), focus groups with students, staff, faculty, and administrator stakeholders, and surveys sent to stakeholders.  

Please join us at one of the Open forums where results of our campus LMS review will be shared on April 4th or April 5th from 11:30 to 12:50 in HML 2134

Bb Ultra


You can “Try Canvas Free” (upper right button)

The CSU Chancellor’s office held a webinar, “Instructure/Canvas Overview and Discussion” on August 25: http://csulps.com/2016/08/25/instructurecanvas-overview-and-discussion/


Brightspace (D2L)

You can also try D2L free.

The CSU Chancellor’s office held a webinar, “Brightspace by D2L” on October 12: http://csulps.com/2016/10/14/webinar-on-brightspace-by-d2l/


LMS Faculty Learning Community

Name College Email
Brad Hyatt LMS FLC Facilitator bhyatt@mail.fresnostate.edu
Keith Clement College of Social Sciences kclement@csufresno.edu
Kimberly Coy Kremen School of Education and Human Development kcoy@csufresno.edu
Dermot Donnelly College of Science and Mathematics ddonnelly@csufresno.edu
Ida Jones Craig School of Business idaj@mail.fresnostate.edu
Amanda McKeith Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology amckeith@mail.fresnostate.edu
Cordie Qualle Lyles College of Engineering cqualle@csufresno.edu
Michael Shepherd College of Arts and Humanities mshepherd@csufresno.edu
Janice Smith-Warshaw College of Health and Human Services jsmithwarshaw@mail.fresnostate.edu

LMS Review Resources:

CSU LPS (learning platform system) site:  http://csulps.com/
This is the background information for the CSU-wide master enabling agreement RFP. The result was CSU-wide contracts for Blackboard, Canvas, and D2L.

E-literate: http://mfeldstein.com/
Maintained by Phil Hil and Michael Feldstein. Great information about the LMS market.