Faculty Spotlight!

Clare Frederick Anzoleaga, Lecturer


Born and raised in Fresno, CA, Clare received her M.A. in Communication Theory from Fresno State. She is an Instructor of both Journalism and Communication Arts at Fresno State and Fresno City College. Her teaching interests center around nurturing student success by providing a strong learning environment that meets the needs of a diverse student population using innovative technology practices in the classroom. She is certified to teach online classes for both the CSU and California Community College systems, has done work as a trainer/super user during Canvas Week, and was a featured faculty presenter for the Technology Innovations & Pedagogy for the Center for Faculty Excellence at Fresno State.

One teaching tip that inspires her was the idea of being an "early adopter" for developing technology in the classroom. This keeps teaching current and makes teaching more fun. The people involved in innovating practices are also very helpful and nice to be around making the workplace more enjoyable.

She definitely agrees that the Center for Faculty Excellence (CFE) has helped better her teaching so that students are more engaged and successful. She teaches DISCOVERe classes and has been creating rich content on Canvas using different technology-based methods. She uses a "Project-based Learning" model in the classroom and has guided over 20 students to present their first-year university research on critical/cultural Communication theories to the community and to students from other disciplines at the first annual High Impact Practices Student Research Symposium at Fresno State. She was an early adopter for the Immediate Access program at Fresno State and has integrated publisher-based content with LaunchPad and Connect in my classroom, as well.