Faculty Spotlight!

Bhupinder Singh, Assistant Professor
Physical Therapy Department

doctor singh and students

I am originally from Amritsar, India, where I first studied physical therapy. I came to the United States for my PhD in Physical Rehabilitation Sciences from the University of Iowa where I focused my research agenda on gait and biomechanics. I specialize in looking at the relationships between obesity and gait in children and adults. At Fresno State, I teach in the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program, and oversee the Gait Analysis Movement Evaluation (GAME) lab. I have been recognized as a Promising New Faculty, Outstanding Student Advisor and was recently awarded early tenure. While I always saw myself as a clinical researcher first, my students have opened my eyes to the joys of the classroom - I strive to help physical therapy students around the world become excellent scholars and practitioners. Fresno State gives me the unique opportunity to maintain a blend of high quality research and teaching diverse students.

Some of my greatest successes have been the result of looking for non-traditional solutions to problems. That is true in life as well as in academia; if a problem is impossible, look for ways to work around the problem. 

The Center for Faculty Excellence (CFE) has been a great resource for me. I was a participant of multiple CFE initiatives and workshops. I was a DISCOVERe participant a few years back and now facilitate the DISCOVERe program as a faculty lead in the summer session. The program helps me in improving my pedagogy and gives me an opportunity to share my knowledge and skills with the greater Fresno State community. I see the importance of technology in my lab and in my classroom, and strongly support the initiative to expose students to various forms of learning and engaging with their academic material.