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Quality Assurance Trainings

The trainings include an introductory session on how to teach blended-online effectively using the CSU Quality Learning and Teaching instrument (QLT). This course has many practical activities and resources that you will then adopt or adapt toward your course. Additional trainings focus on how to apply the CSU QLT instrument to review a sample course, apply the instruments, look at alignment between course components and learn how to write helpful recommendations for improvement.

All courses are taught by certified CSU faculty and/or instructional designers who have extensive experience and training in teaching online courses. All courses require payment of a $25 registration fee at the time of registration. This is to pay for the extensive materials made available, as well as to offset the facilitation costs. Upon successful completion of the course please submit your certificate to cfesa@mail.fresnostate.edu for registration reimbursement. Travel cost for face-to-face sessions will not be paid by the Center for Faculty Excellence. 

Fresno State has adopted the CSU Quality Learning and Teaching Instrument (QLT) for quality assurance of online and blended courses. Any reimbursement or professional development funding that requires quality assurance training will only apply to the QLT courses. 

View the training schedule and register for workshops (http://courseredesign.csuprojects.org/wp/qualityassurance/training/)

Quality Assurance Session Descriptions

Introduction to Teaching Online Using the QLT Instrument This course is an introduction to the pedagogies and strategies of successfully teaching in blended-online formats, weaving the 10 sections of the CSU QLT instrument throughout. This course is intended for anyone who is interested in and/or plans to teach a blended or online course. Participants can expect to engage in helpful discussions with their peers from other CSUs and share best practices for creating quality blended-online courses that align with their student learning outcomes.

Reviewing Courses Using the QLT Instrument This course provides an in-depth experience with the QLT instrument and how to use objective-based examples to support reviewing and informing blended-online courses. Participants will engage in hands-on experiences using the QLT objectives to rate elements of a sample course, learning how to write helpful recommendations, and discussing examples of setting up a peer-review process on their campus. This session is for those looking to use the instrument for a self- and/or peer-review.

QLT Summer Academy

Quality Learning and Teaching (QLT) Summer Academy at Fresno State

The QLT Summer Academy is designed to support faculty in the evaluation and redesign of an existing online course (80 – 100% online). Upon completion of the program, participants will receive a certificate, a digital badge, and $2,000 in professional development funds.

Participating faculty will attend a four-day intensive academy that includes a number of professional development activities, including group meetings and group discussions. Each participant will be assigned an Instructional Designer and other Center for Faculty Excellence staff support as needed to complete the project and ensure accessibility of instructional materials. Since the stipend is for participation in project-based professional development activities, it does not constitute extraordinary support under the Interim Intellectual Property Policy #540. Faculty members retain ownership rights of all original content created.

Video from the summer 2016 cohort: https://youtu.be/Kr8G4cwuFPA

If you have any questions about the QLT Summer Academy, contact Bryan Berrett at bryanberrett@csufresno.edu.