Grant Proposal Certificate Program

Research and Sponsored Programs
Research and Graduate Studies

Tenured and tenure track faculty, staff who serve as co-PI's, and other staff members who are active in grant development are eligible to complete this certification.

In this program those who complete the following activities in a single Academic Year will receive a Certificate in Grants.

  • complete at least 4 Research & Sponsored Programs workshops,
  • meet with their respective grants manager to discuss an appropriate opportunity,
  • identify (submit) an appropriate RFA, discussed with the grants manager, with deadline within next 12 months,
  • submit a timeline for the writing that completes final draft 2 weeks before submission deadline,
  • submit a complete proposal by the date listed HERE.

The coursework includes 2 required workshops and 2 of the faculty member’s choosing, from an array of 12 different electives. 

Required workshops (Both are required for the certificate program)

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  1. Getting Started with Grants or Contracts. For those new to applying for grants or contracts at Fresno State, this workshop covers strategies for identifying funders and developing proposal ideas, RSP and Foundation post-award services, institutional approval processes.
  2. Research Compliance Standards and Requirements. This workshop is an introduction to the research compliance resources available on the campus and their respective roles in support of faculty research.

Elective workshops (two are required for the certificate program):

Due to COVID-19, workshops are now online and can be completed at your own pace. To view or complete our available workshops please visit our PAGE.

  1. US Department of Agriculture (USDA). An introduction to the USDA as a grants and contracts funding organization, with specific emphasis on: NIFA research priorities, strategies for identifying appropriate funding opportunities, examples of funded projects at Fresno State and the development of USDA-specific proposal elements.
  2. Private Foundation Opportunities and Arts & Humanities Agencies. Addresses strategies to find private foundation funding for a wide range of disciplines, and federal opportunities in the Arts and Humanities.
  3. Serving Community Needs – Contracts and other Partnerships. Presents models and strategies to faculty interested in conducting research with industry partners in a contractual arrangement. RSP support for SOW, budget development and templates will be discussed.
  4. How to Develop Budgets. RSP managers are equipped to develop a wide array of grants and contracts project budgets. This workshop covers the variety of budget formats that may be requested by funding agencies, and describes what you do (and do not) need to be prepared to discuss with them, as they help develop your proposed budget.
  5. Advanced Budgeting. Participants are encouraged to bring a project outline to develop a specific internal budget. (“How to Develop Budgets” is a highly recommended prerequisite for this workshop).
  6. National Institutes of Health (NIH) and NIH Support for Competitive Research (NIH SCORE). Overview of NIH, including its organization, proposal review, and the SCORE programs that faculty at Fresno State have been particularly successful with. Topics to be addressed include strategies for choosing the most appropriate mechanism, identifying funding Institutes or Centers (of the NIH), program-specific proposal components and structure, and specific RSP support for application development.
  7. H.S.I. Education Grant (USDA). The USDA Hispanic Serving Institution Education Grant supports training activities that will attract outstanding students and produce graduates capable of enhancing the USDA’s workforce and Mission. This workshop will help faculty think about how their research training efforts could be aligned with USDA and H.S.I. Education Grant priorities and needs.
  8. National Science Foundation (NSF) and Research at Undergraduate Institutions (RUI). This workshop will cover NSF organization, strategies for finding opportunities, and NSF’s “Broader Impacts” criteria and examples of activities, particularly in regards to Fresno State RUI projects. 
  9. NSF Faculty Early Career Development Program (CAREER). These prestigious NSF awards support junior faculty who exemplify the role of teacher-scholars through outstanding research, excellent education and the integration of education and research within the context of the mission of their organizations. Projects build a firm foundation for a lifetime of leadership in integrating education and research. This workshop will address the special requirements of this special program, and highlight Fresno State’s new award!
  10. Agricultural Research Institute (CSU ARI). A select number of CSU campuses including Fresno State are able to apply for research funding addressing the need of agriculture and the agriculture community. The workshop will cover the application and proposal submission process, deadlines and other requirements.

Suggested Electives: (two are required for the certificate program)

Suggested Elevtives
  Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology Arts and Humanities Craig School of Business Kremen School of Education and Human Development Lyles College of Engineering College of Health and Human Services  College of Science and Mathematics College of Social Sciences
US Dep’t of Agriculture (USDA) X   X   X X X X
Private Foundations and Arts & Humanities Agencies   X X X X X    
Serving Community Needs X X X X X X X X
How to Develop Budgets X X X X X X X X
Advanced Budgeting X X X X X X X X
NIH and NIH SCORE           X X  
H.S.I. Education Grant (USDA) X   X X X X X X
NSF and RUI X   X X X   X X
CSU ARI X   X   X   X