Past Conferences


Technology, Innovations, & Pedagogy Conference - August 20, 2015

Dr. Helen Barrett - Balancing the Two Face of ePortfolios (

Faculty Panel (Melissa Jordine, Beth Weinman, Lizhu Davis, Susan Nef) - ePortfolio Uses at California State University, Fresno

Dr. Barrett - Know Thyself: ePortfolios and Reflective Stories supporting Lifelong Learning

Edgar Gonzalez, Blackboard Customer Success Advocate - What's new in Blackboard and Why it is Important

JoLynne Blake - Getting Started in Pathbrite - Creating your first ePortfolio

Heahter Hiles, Pathbrite CEO - Optimizing Student Learning using the Pathbrite Learning Platform


Technology, Innovations, & Pedagogy Conference - August 18, 2014

Dr. Helen L. Chen - Electronic Portfolios and Student Success: A Framework for Effective Implementation. Slide deck and resources

Jes Therkselsen - Ditching the Textbook: Assigning Video Lectures from Curated Sources

Todd Wilson - Piazza for Course Interaction 

Ed Nuhfer - Metacognition: An overview Metadiscipline outcomesEvents a Learner Can Expect to ExperienceThree Tools for Promoting Metacognition

Ed Nuhfer - Strategies for Student Metacognition 

Ron Boren - Lights, Camera, Action, Collaborate!

Ron Boren - Write On! Using Music for Narrative Prompts in Writing 

Technology, Innovations, & Pedagogy Conference - January 13, 2014

Michelle Pacansky-Brock - Humanizing Online Learning with Emerging Technologies

Sue Yang & Scott Sailor - App Café: Apps for Education

Dan Short, Copyright Clearance Center - Sharing Copyrighted Content in the Classroom

Otto Benavides - Creating your own textbooks with iBook Author

Adrian Ramirez & Ivan Pagan - Don’t Panic! Help is Just Around the Corner- SupportNet

Michelle Pacansky-Brock - Simple, Beautiful Presentations Using Haiku

Martin Shapiro - Using ePortfolios to Enhance Student Engagement and Assessment

Mary Bennett - Using TurnItIn and Safe Assign to Support and Engage Student Writers

Phil Neufeld, Patrick Newell & David Drexler - Teaching & Learning Technology Tools

Syllabus and Course Enhancement in Action - May 21, 2013

Ida Jones - Learning by Design

Colleen Torgerson - Active Learning Activities

Monica Fush & Vang Vang - Embedding Information Literacy Into Your Syllabus and Assignments

Mary Bennett - Measure for Student Learning

Technology, Innovations, and Pedagogy: January 13, 2013

President John Welty's - Last Lecture

Richard Miller (Rutgers University) - Featured Presentation

Klaus Tenbergen - Title V Service Learning Curriculum Development

John Jabagchourian - How to use iPads to Enhance Student Learning

Lynn Forsythe, Ida Jones, Deborah Kemp - Techniques for Improving Student Learning Outcomes

Patrick Berends - Social Media & Student Engagement: What Works and What Doesn't

Cathlin Davis - The First Day of Class: Student Centered to the Extreme

Ida Jones - Tweeting and Learning=Twearning the Day Away

Christine Edmondson - A Model for Pre-Doctoral Undergraduate Mentoring

TWISTERS Conference - January 11, 2012

Chuck Dziuban - Technology-Enhanced Learning: Opportunites and Challenges

Deborah Kemp & Mary Bennett - Peeking into Pandora's Box: Addressing Assessment of Learning

Paula Durette - Using Multimedia: A Curricular Approach

Sandy Ehrhorn - Affordable Textbook Initiative

Martin Shapiro - Promoting Lifelong Learning through ePortfolios

Tosha Giuffrida - GradesFirst: The New Student Advising and Retention System

Arun Nambiar - Screen Capturing to Improve Student Experience

Syllabus Enhancement and Redesign Conference - December 16, 2011

Karl Oswald - Enhancing Learning with Three Simple Syllabus Revisions

Henrietta Siemens - Syllabus Enhancement and Redesign
View presentation here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

TWISTERS Conference - January 18, 2011

Curtis Bonk -
The Rise of Online Video, the Fall of Traditional Learning
Stretching the Edges of Technology-Enhanced Training: From Tinkering to Tottering to Totally Extreme Learning

John McMillen - Student Feedback Made Easy

Arun Nambiar - Livescribe Podcasts

Keith Clement - Designing and Sustaining Enhanced Virtual (Online) Classroom Communities

Mary Bennett - eScholars - Encouraging the Use of Emerging Technologies Through a Collaborative Faculty Development Program

Monica Fusich and Scott Sailor - QR Codes - Quick Fixes to Your Syllabus! or an .mp4 version of their presentation

Syllabus Enhancement and Redesign Conference - January 2011

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