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Faculty Service-Learning Resources

Over 20 years of research shows that service-learning (SL) is a highly effective approach to teaching and learning, providing numerous benefits to students, instructors, the university, and the community.  Fresno State is committed to making this High Impact Practice a part of the complete educational experience provided by our university.  The university offers an average of 156 service-learning courses each year, which enroll approximately 3,800 students annually.

The Richter Center is dedicated to supporting faculty members and students in all facets of service-learning.  We offer a number of online and in-person training and support, including, but not limited to:

  • The Online Faculty Service-Learning Modules provide excellent background, information, and professional development resources for faculty members who wish to learn more about service-learning, including information on developing a new service-learning course or improving an existing course.
  • The Blackboard Service-Learning Modules are available to faculty members who teach a service-learning course and want access to a variety of service-learning resources, especially ones related to the vital reflection component.  To access the Blackboard Service-Learning Modules, please contact the Richter Center Director, Chris Fiorentino, by calling 559.278.7079 or emailing 
  • The Richter Center provides a series of online modules designed specifically for students.  Many faculty members use some or all of the Service-Learning Student Modules as a way to introduce students to service-learning and inform them about some of the things that they should expect from a service-learning course, and things that will be expected of them.