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Read Fresno

In 1997, Fresno State developed the Fresno Reading Enrichment and Academic Development through Service (Fresno READS) project with the goal of helping young children improve literacy skills, while fostering a genuine love of books and reading. For many years, this project successfully recruited, trained, and placed Fresno State students as mentors and tutors for children in kindergarten through sixth grade.

Today, Fresno State has partnered with Read Fresno--a program by Every Neighborhood Partnership (ENP), a long-time community partner. Since 2008, ENP has connected churches and community partners across the city with elementary schools, and equip them to serve through their active presence in every neighborhood. This new partnership will continue to provide Fresno State work-study students with valuable service and learning opportunities.

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Read Fresno Mentors

The mission of Read Fresno is to provide literacy and school success services to K-2/3 children in targeted schools and neighborhoods. This includes but is not limited to literacy services in daytime and afterschool programs at the school site, afterschool programming at neighborhood resource centers, and participation in resiliency programs such as drumming, yoga, and Saturday Sports. The partnership between Read Fresno and Fresno State provides Fresno State mentors with meaningful academic, personal, and professional experiences, and emphasizes collaboration and community involvement.

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