Richter Center Ambassadors

Your 2014-15 Richter Center Ambassadors 

A photo of the 14-15 Richter Center Ambassadors The 2014-15 Richter Center Ambassadors are (back row, left) Jazmin De La Torre, Lilliana Toste, Heather Goossen, Elizabeth Olenchalk, Shola Aleru, Nancy Mohamed (front row, left) Amanda de Lima, Nicole Shinkawa, Juan Alejandre, Evelyn Gonzalez, and Alex Gallo.


 About the Richter Center Ambassador Program

The Richter Center Ambassadors program seeks to engage Fresno State students in meaningful leadership opportunities in the fields of community engagement and service-learning.  As Ambassadors, the student participants serve as representatives of the Richter Center to both the Fresno State community and the community-at-large.  Ambassadors are students with an exceptional dedication to service that wish to share the values of these activities with their peers.

Academic year 2008-09 marked the founding year of the Richter Center Ambassadors program. Since then, nine – fourteen Fresno State students have been selected each year to serve as Ambassadors. These student-leaders represent a variety of majors, interests, skill sets, year-in-school, and backgrounds that reflect the diversity of the Fresno State student body. Richter Center Ambassadors volunteer on average three hours per week to the program by completing office hours, attending a weekly team meeting, and attending various events and projects.

Since the program’s inception, the Ambassadors have been engaged in numerous activities including: creating and implementing the Picture the Change campaign to assist Fresno State students, faculty, and staff in creating pledges to positively impact the community; representing Fresno State at service related forums, conferences, and symposiums; participating in leadership trainings and workshops; representing Fresno State service efforts to community leaders and the media; assisting and supporting Richter Center events and service projects like Make a Difference Day, Serving Fresno Day, and Kid’s Day; among many other activities.

You can learn more about the Richter Center Ambassadors and their current projects by visiting their blog at or by emailing them at