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Hours and Hours of Service

Fresno State has once again provided over one million hours of service to the community.  During the 2012-13 academic year, 14,245 students, faculty, and staff spent 1,055,257 hours serving others.  These hours equal an estimated value of $27,169,550.

The services provided range from short-term activities like blood-drives with the Central California Blood Center to long-term teaching internships with local school districts.

Also included in this year's totals was the new Scholars in Service program.  Twenty students provided 3,442 hours of service with select community benefit organizations targeting the neighborhood surrounding the university, including the El Dorado Park and Sierra Madre/Vinland neighborhoods.  Through their work, the students addressed such issues as whole family health and wellness, literacy, food insecurity, and more.

Since 2001, Fresno State has provided 7,669,000 hours of service with a total economic impact of $172 million.