Faculty FAQs

Q: What's the URL for Canvas?
A: fresnostate.instructure.com

Q: How do I get on the list to teach with Canvas for spring 2019?
A: The time to sign up to be an early adopter is over. If you signed up to be an early adopter and don't have access to Canvas, please email cfe@mail.fresnostate.edu. 

Q: When is the deadline to request a shell to teach on Canvas in the spring?
A: Friday, November 16 was the last day to request a course shell.

Q: When is the final deadline to adopt Canvas for spring?
A: The last and final deadline to adopt Canvas for spring was Friday, November 30.

Q: Why are we moving to Canvas?
A: Please review the information on the 'Why Canvas' page.

Q: What about the Organizations I have access to on Blackboard? Will those be moved over?
A: We will only move organizations over if requested by a leader of the organization. Emails have been sent to all leaders to request their organization be moved.

Q: Do you have to move all classes to Canvas for spring?
A: No. A form was sent to early adopters requesting which courses were to be place on Canvas in spring.

Q: Even though I opted-in I changed my mind and don't want to use Canvas in spring.
A: That's fine, simply don’t fill out the form that was sent to you. If you requested a development shell that will remain on Canvas so you can continue building.

Q: When will my official course shells be created on Canvas?
A: Official course shells will start to be created the first week of December.

Q: Do I have to copy content from Blackboard?
A: When you fill out the official request form, you can designate if you will copy content or if you would like it done for you.

Q: Can I build my class in my official shell?
Yes, you are welcome to start from scratch or copy content from Blackboard directly to your official shell. You don’t have to use a development shell.

Q: I was a new faculty this semester and already have been using Canvas, do I still have to fill out the form?

Q: How will my students be told their class is on Canvas?
A: An announcement will be added to your Blackboard course shell which points students to Canvas. You are also welcome to email them. When rosters are added, they will also receive an Canvas invitation.

Q: How will my students know how to use Canvas?
A: Canvas has a good selection of guides and tutorials and a Fresno State Student Orientation will be available for them.

Q: I didn’t receive all of my development shells I requested or I need more, can I request more?
A: Yes, You may email cfe@mail.fresnostate.edu if you did not get all of your development shells specifying the course.