Fresno State Blackboard System Updates

Winter Break Blackboard Maintenance

This winter break's maintenance of Blackboard will be a bit different than usual -- and for the better!

TILT routinely uses the winter break to update academic software and hardware. What's new this time is that the hardware running our campus Blackboard moves to a facility provided by Blackboard instead of running on local servers.

This isn't exactly "moving to the cloud", but it is a similar step: 24/7 monitoring and hardware maintenance can be done more effectively in a dedicated data center than can be done on campus. Our campus Blackboard will be monitored for hardware failures and software crashes by staff working around the clock. Because of the resources of a large data center, equipment can be replaced and performance bottlenecks addressed very quickly. Most of the CSU campuses running Blackboard or other learning management systems are doing the same with their systems.

How does this affect students, staff, and faculty? Except for the usual updates, functionality won't change, and you probably won't realize when the hardware switch-over happens. In fact, usually we have several down days over winter break. This year with we expect little or none. Faculty will see previous Blackboard courses migrate to the new system in stages. If the migration doesn't fit your needs, contact TILT for help (559.278.7373,

Be sure to login through Active login information will always be available there.

transition timeline
Download pdf of timeline

Current Blackboard Version:

Software release number: Bb Oct. 2014 (CU#02)
Install date: 6.2015

Current Blackboard System Status and Reported Issues

  • 6.1.15
    May 27 - May 31 Blackboard was upgraded to the most recent release. During this time Blackboard was unavailable to users.
  • 4.24.15
    Beginning at 9:00 p.m. until approximately 8:00 a.m on 4.25. Blackboard services were interrupted due to a campus system upgrade.
  • 12.18.14
    Beginning at 10:15 p.m. until approximately 11:35 p.m. Blackboard services were interrupted due to the campus system upgrade.

Contact the Help Desk if you are experiencing Blackboard access problems after business hours - 559.278.5000.