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Open University Students

Intent to Enroll in Blackboard Classes

You must complete an "Intent to Enroll in Blackboard Classes" form if you intend to enroll in courses that use Blackboard at Fresno State through Open University. You must also have both a PeopleSoft ID and a Fresno State email address in order to officially register for courses and access Blackboard.

You will not be officially enrolled until you turn in an Open University registration form to the Extension Programs office, Education Building, room 130. Completing the "Intent to Enroll in Blackboard Classes" form only facilitates access to Blackboard. It does not constitute official enrollment in a class.

Please select the option below that best describes your status:

Option A:
I already have my PeopleSoft ID and my Fresno State email address

Option B:
I DO NOT have a PeopleSoft ID or Fresno State email address