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Student FAQ's

Q. What if I forgot my password?

A. If you want to change your password, you need to change the password for your Fresno State email account. Go to:

Contact the Help Desk at (559) 278-5000 if you need assistance.


Q. What do I do if courses are missing from the my Course List?

A. Be sure to log into using your Fresno State username and password.

If you are still unable to see your Blackboard courses, speak to your instructor and make sure you are listed in the roster for that course. The instructor can add you to the Blackboard course if you are not listed.

To check if you are officially registered for a class, check your course listing at

It might be as simple as the instructor has not yet made the course available.


Q. Are there any tips for taking tests or quizzes on Blackboard?

A. Every instructor will have his/her own settings and procedures for giving tests on Blackboard. Here are several tips for taking tests and quizzes that you may find useful.

1. Do not open the exam until you are ready to take it.

2. Do not use the Blackboard Mobile app to take tests or quizzes.

3. Once you have opened the exam, avoid clicking on any of the main menu buttons in this course or on any of the navigation buttons on your web browser. Doing so may bump you out of the exam, in which case your answers may be lost, and you may not be allowed to re-enter the exam.

4. Work quickly and efficiently. Some Internet connections may ‘time out’ if there is no activity coming from your machine - like when you are composing an answer to an essay question.

5. Before submitting your test you may want to right-click and print so that you have a copy of your exam.

6. If your instructor has set your test to show the questions one at a time, make sure that you have selected the best answer before moving on to the next question. Your instructor may have prohibited backtracking on the test and you will not be able to get back to a previous question. There is also a possibility of the test ‘freezing’ if you try to go back to a previous question.

7. If for any reason you get closed out of the exam while taking it, please contact your instructor immediately via email.


Q. What do I do if I am locked out of a quiz on Blackboard?

A. If you have difficulties submitting a quiz or test or are not able to access a quiz or test YOUR INSTRUCTOR MUST CLEAR YOUR ATTEMPT and allow you to retake the exam. You must contact your instructor to do this. The Resource Center cannot reset any tests or quizzes without the instructor's permission.


Q. What is SafeAssign?

A. SafeAssign is an anti-plagiarism software that is used by faculty at Fresno State to check student's work for signs of plagiarism. It is similar to Turnitin.


Q. Why can't I open a PowerPoint file in Blackboard?

A. If you have trouble viewing your instructor's PowerPoint presentations right-click on the link to the presentation - Select 'Save Target as' - save to your computer. Once the file has downloaded, open PowerPoint and then the presentation.


  Q. What do I have to do if I am an Open University student?

A. Contact the Continuing and Global Education department, 278-0333. They are located in the Education building, room 130.


Q. How do I "hide" old courses on My Blackboard?

A. In the upper-right corner of the Course List module on 'My Blackboard' is a little round gear. Click on it to edit what available courses will show up in your list of courses.