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Blackboard Request Forms

Resource Center Work Order Form 
Fill out this form if you would like the Resource Center to assist in uploading documents, scanning, formatting tests for online use, digitizing content, etc.

Archive & Remove Course Request Form
To request courses to be archived and removed from Blackboard. Please note: Blackboard Courses are retained for four semesters (current + three past semesters).

Development Course Request Form 
Official Blackboard course shells are created six weeks before a semester begins. Official course shells are automatically generated for all courses. If you would like a development course shell in order to get a jump on course building, please fill out this request form. Note: You will have to copy your development course shell into your official course once they are created.

Combine Course Request Form
To request that course sections are combined into one. This is a permanent change for the term and requires permission from all participating faculty.

Course Related Organization Request Form 
To request an organization for course-related use such as virtual office hours, student communications across course sections, etc. Courses and course shells remain unchanged. Rosters are simply uploaded into the organization.

Course Copy/Restore Form 
If you need course content copied from a previous course in Blackboard please complete the Course Copy Request Form. If you are NOT the instructor, you must have the instructor of the course make the copy request.

Organization Request Form 
Organizations are similar to courses in Blackboard, however they are designed for use by what may be non-academic community groups such as committees, groups, clubs, and teams. Organizations are located in the My Organizations module on your My Blackboard page. Faculty and Staff can request Blackboard Organizations.  If you would like to request an Organization on Blackboard please complete the Organization Request Form.