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Before Proceeding with Combining your Courses

  • A Combine Course Request Form must be completed every semester
  • It is not necessary to combine a lecture and a lab/activity course when the roster is exactly the same. In this case, instructors should use one course shell and make the other unavailable.
  • As part of this Combine Course Request, a new course shell will be created. All combined courses will be designated as a CHILD course in your course list. You can hide these child courses through the gear icon on your ‘My Courses’ module.
  • Only work in the new course shell that was created.
  • This is a permanent change that cannot be reversed or undone.
  • If the courses are taught by more than one instructor, this request form must be APPROVED BY ALL instructors. The combined course request will not be processed until TILT receives permission from all instructors listed.
  • If there are multiple instructors in the combined course only one instructor will be used for the ONLINE Student Evaluations of Faculty at the end of the semester.
  • Course content will be copied from a course you select as the MASTER course. If no content is to be copied, please leave Master Course section blank.

Please read the pros and cons provided below before requesting that a course be combined. Remember, once a course is combined, it is not reversible for the current semester.

Combine Course Request Form 

Pros Cons
  • One class section instead of multiple sections of the same course
  • One large roster to maintain. Use Smart Views to separate Grade Center
  • Update and change course content in only one section
  • Managing communication becomes a greater challenge
  • Virtual office hours can be administered from one section
  • Combine Course Request must be made prior to each semester
  • Communication between students in different sections is possible
  • Combined course cannot be undone. Must keep the combined course for the remainder of the semester