Temporary Appointments (U03 and U11)
Forms, Policies and Instructions


U03 - CFA Salary increases were processed November 2013 and for eligible faculty were retroactive to July 1, 2013.  See HR/Salary 2013-18. Note:  our salary summary page has been updated.

U11- UAW Salary increases were processed July 2014 and for those eligible will be effective July 1, 2014.  See HR/Salary 2014-17.  Note:  our salary summary page has been updated.

Temporary Appointment Types

Review the descriptions below.  Select the classification that applies to the assignment.  Call Faculty Affairs if you need additional guidance.

Training "Handouts"

New Posting October 29 2012Faculty Affairs Common Definitions (PDF)

New posting October 29 2012Spring 2013 Power Point (w/Screen Shots) - PDF (Pending)

Fall 2012 Power Point - PDF (May 2012)

Spring 2012 Power Point - PDF (October 2011)

Screen shots for PTF processing - PDF (October 2011)