Academic Policy Manual

300 - Personnel

Policy Documents are linked to the section numbers; and informational summary memos (if available) are linked to the Last Updated date.


301 - 320 Appointment and Classification of Employees
Last Updated and
Update Summary
May 2013 301 Policy and Procedures for the Appointment of Tenure Track Faculty including the Award of Service Credit
Jan 2008 303 Policy on Nepotism
-Sample Memo (Word)
July 2013 304 Policy on Terminal Degrees
Dec 1998 305 Policy on the Reassignment of Faculty
July 2013 306 Policy on Temporary Faculty
  306A Temporary Faculty Review Form
Apr 2005 308 Policy on Grant Related Instructional Faculty
Dec 2008 309 Policy on Coaches - Revision Pending
Jan 2007 309A Procedures for Hiring Assistant Coaches Revision Pending
June 1997 310 Policy on Adjunct Faculty
Mar 2003 311 Policy on Teaching Associates
Classification Standard: Teaching Associates
Mar 2003 312 Policy on Graduate Assistants
Classification Standard:  Graduate Assistant
July 1981 314 Use of Student Assistant Classes
Classification Standard: Instructional Student Assistant
December 2013 315 or MAPP G-62 Policy and Procedures for Fingerprinting and Conducting Background Checks
Nov 2012 320 Policy on Administrative Appointments

321-335 Evaluation
Last Updated and
Update Summary
Jun 1997 321 Report of the Faculty Scholar Blue Ribbon Committee
Jan 2011 322 Policy on the Assessment of Teaching Effectiveness
July 2011 322a Guide to Creating a Departmental Policy on Teaching Effectiveness
July 2011 322b Template for Departmental Policy on Teaching Effectiveness
July 2011 322c University-wide Peer Evaluation Form
Template for Peer Evaluation Form word file
Dec 2011 323 Policy on Personnel Files
July 2011 324 Policy on Probationary Plans and Faculty Mentoring
June 2013 324a Sample Probationary Plan - Dr. Doe
(last updated June 2013)
July 2013 325 Policy on Retention and Tenure
Oct 2, 2012 327 Policy on Promotion
Feb 1995 328 Periodic Evaluation of Tenured Faculty
Dec 2008 330 Policy on Market Increases
Sept 1999 331 Policy on Service Salary Increase Program
April 2013 332 Policy on Range Elevation for Temporary Faculty
Apr 2000 335 Policy on Periodic Review of Academic Administrators

336-355 Faculty Responsibilities and Workload
Last Updated and
Update Summary
Oct 2001 336 University Statement on Faculty Rights and Responsibilities
Not Avail 337 Faculty Workloads: Policies and Procedures
July 2011 338 Policy on Office and Consultation Hours
Jan 1993 339 Policy on Final Exams
Jan 1998 345 Guidelines on Incompatible Activities and Conflicts of Interests
Jun 1992 346 Policy on Faculty Student Consensual Relations
Apr 1980 353 Policy on the Assignment of Student - Faculty Ratios
Mar 2003 354 Policy on Assigned Time

356 - 365 Professional Development and Leaves
Last Updated and
Update Summary
Nov 1994 357 Policy on Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning (CETL)
Mar 1992 358 Triad Teaching Improvement Program
October 11, 2013 360 Policy on Sabbatical and Difference in Pay (DIP) Leaves
October 11, 2013 361 Policy on Faculty Leaves of Absence
Nov 1993 362 Policy on Professional Travel
Apr 1987 363 Policy on Faculty Exchange

366-375 Nondiscrimination Policies Including Executive Orders
Last Updated and
Update Summary
August 1986 367 Fresno State Affirmative Action Policy
Jul 1983 370 Discrimination Complaints (Executive Order 419)
2013-2014 Campus Plan  Affirmative Action Plan (AAP) California State University, Fresno  See also EO 11246
April 6, 2012 EO 1073 Student Conduct Procedures
April 6, 2012 EO 1074 Systemwide Policy Prohibiting Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation Against Students and Systemwide Procedure for Handling Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation Complaints by Students
October 23, 2013 EO 1088 Systemwide Guidelines for Affirmative Action Programs in Employment
October 23, 2013 EO 1089 Systemwide Policy Prohibiting Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation Against Employees and Third Parties and Procedure for Handling Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation Allegations by Employees and Third Parties

376-399 General Topics
Last Updated and
Update Summary
May 1983 385 Policy on Endowed Chairs
Jun 1992 386 Honorary Degrees
May 1989 391 Policy on a Drug-Free Workplace
Aug 1989 393 Employee Assistance Program Guidelines
Oct 24, 2012 399 Policy on Emerita and Emeritus Status


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