Why It Matters....

For our students......

  • The majority of them don’t buy a required text due to the cost, although they realize it will impact their grade negatively.
  • Textbook costs are cited as one of the top two reasons students drop out or don’t matriculate.

  • The cost of textbooks negatively impacts first generation students more than other students. They spend 17% more per textbook but acquire 6% fewer texts.

  • Busy students need and appreciate cost and format choices (online content, ebooks, print, rental), with affordability and ease of access being key factors.

For our faculty…

  • Affordable learning materials provide many ways to improve teaching and learning. On the most basic level, adopting no or low-cost materials INCREASES the chances your students will be able to acquire the course materials and be ready on the first day of class.  

  • Students who use OER in their undergraduate courses perform as well or better than those assigned commercial textbooks, and show higher rates of completion.

  • Six conglomerates control 86% of textbook production in the U.S. AL$ allows faculty to “take back” academic freedom.

  • When you adopt OER/Creative Commons licensed works, you’re free to edit, adapt, remix and reuse them, giving you full control over content, sequence and pace.

  • There are now over 1.8 billion Creative Commons-licensed works, providing a wide variety of free materials from which to innovate and customize your curriculum.

  • Offering your students open or low-cost materials specifically tailored to your curriculum- without the “fluff”, can help motivate students to read.

  • Students are appreciative of faculty efforts to reduce textbook costs, and this can translate to a more positive attitude towards new teaching methods and other aspects of the course.

  • Attract students to your courses and discipline by offering a more equitable learning environment and student-centric culture.

  • Most digital learning materials are more accessible than traditional textbooks.