Academic Innovation and Course Redesign (AICR):
Program Overview

Course redesign efforts on Fresno State’s campus have the support of the President, Provost, the Dean of Undergraduate Studies, and the College Deans. A number of campus resources are available to faculty who have chosen to engage in course redesign including a dedicated instructional designer (Sue Yang), a researcher (Chris Hernandez), and the faculty course redesign coordinator (Rudy J. Sanchez, PhD).

How the Program Works

With an investment of both time and money, selected faculty teams engage with the Provost, their college deans and department chairs, to consider new models for redesigning larger courses. These teams of faculty are joined by an assessment coordinator, librarians, and instructional designers during a three-week intensive workshop. They subsequently meet throughout the year to discuss ideas, progress, and lessons learned while making the transformative changes.

Course Redesign Teams

Core redesign teams comprise 2-3 of the faculty members who teach the course. This is the group applying to participate in the Institute. The extended redesign team during the redesign process includes various resources: 

  • Other faculty who may use the redesigned curriculum
  • Department chair(s)
  • The dedicated instructional designer
  • An researcher/assessment coordinator
  • Course redesign coordinator

Course Redesign Models

Fresno State has elected to use the National Center for Academic Transformation (NCAT) as the launching point for its course redesign effort. We encourage faculty and other interested in course redesign to become familiar with the six course redesign models described by the NCAT. Faculty are encouraged to use one of these six models as the baseline for their redesign effort.