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Reducing Plagiarism on Campus

A key component of academic integrity is creating an atmosphere where there is no academic dishonesty so that students are judged by their contributions and efforts. Our Honor Code supports that in that it imposes responsibilities on faculty, students and administrators.

One of the primary goals of the university is to help learners become responsible citizens of society; citizens, who can read, write, analyze, synthesize and evaluate information and apply those skills in employment, home and in society.

To the extent cheating and plagiarism occur, the university faces additional challenges to educating learners. That is the purpose of plagiarism workshops, the Honor Code and the Cheating and Plagiarism Policy.

The workshops titled: Academic Integrity Workshop: Focus on Plagiarism were developed to provide students (and faculty) with more information about what constitutes plagiarism and thereby encourage students to do their own work. The workshops were also designed to help the University present a consistent definition of plagiarism and thus notify students about University expectations.

Ida M. Jones
Judith C. Scott